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War on Silence was a label which was engineered by Crissy Criss to provide his own launchpad for the music he’d been creating in sonic solitude over the last few years of his career. And through it he announced a massive LP which solidified him as a crossover artist in the truest sense. Having already made his mark throughout the drum & bass history books through his DJing as part of various pirate radio collectives, he went on to make his presence felt through his own productions too. A pivotal part of this was his ‘War on Silence’LP, given a pedestal through the album’s self-titled imprint and now post-lockdown it’s been given new life through artists who’ve been creating their own lanes within dance music. And as the remix collection shows, that’s not just within drum & bass too.

Its next chapter sees Junk Mail take centre stage, once more alongside Defectiøn, and they bring the LP’s title track through their own monikers. Junk Mail does what he does best and he injects pounding sub bass and his signature dancefloor style into the cut which adds another dimension to its already impressive, raucous composition. The RAM Records stalwart proves his weight and adds one more drum & bass flipside to the project’s title-track.

Meanwhile Defectiøn makes another appearance for the same record, grabbing the bassline and moulding it into their own style - one which punches through with every breakdown. Utilising the vocals and pushing them through another paradigm, Defectiøn highlights their versatility again alongside their previous offering.

As these reworks demonstrate for another chapter, Crissy Criss shows his weight within the electronic world through another stellar line up of guests who make their ‘War on Silence’ stamp.


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