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The deep, dark sounds of Malux are next up to make an appearance alongside a huge line up of artists for Crissy Criss’ ‘War on Silence’ remix project and it gives it a darker underbelly as it progresses into its next phase. Already featuring names such as Junk Mail, Neonlight, Defectiøn and more, there isn’t a stone which has gone unturned as the album approaches its final few singles as it nears competition. Beside Defectiøn, Malux produces another incredible addition to the string of releases and highlights why Crissy Criss was such a legendary selector during his time on the drum & bass show at BBC Radio 1, as well as how the curation of this project has caused shockwaves throughout the genre’s community on its announcement.

UK based Malux takes ‘The Ride’ ft. Carasel and moves it layer by layer through his unforgiving overtones. The track crackles through brooding LFOs and it packs a punch with every layer of crackling bass. It’s the type of cut which will slice through speaker stacks as it detonates on impact and its proves that Malux is here to stay in 2023. Following in quick succession is Defectiøn, who keeps the original’s ominous feel but steps it up a gear through freefalling atmospherics and snipped up patches of its vocal sample. Each well chiselled groove moves one into the next before you’re taken along for the ride, adding another rung to the ladder of Defectiøn’s repertoire. One he’s flexed throughout this series.


The features within the back catalogue of War on Silence are steadily growing. Although given such an incredible foundation by Crissy Criss, which was its self-titled album and his extensive experience, this was the only outcome from a label run by himself.



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