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Teddy Killerz have become their own powerhouse within drum & bass, something which has taken years to progress but now they’re reaping the rewards. They’ve become behemoths within its dark subgenres, pushing their atmospheric, grimy cuts into most of its DJ sets around the world. The Russian-Ukrainian hybrid has embarked on a journey that’s seen them crossover into an assortment of collaborations that’ve sometimes been surprising however each one has had high-reaching results.

The next one to come from Teddy Killerz is a track alongside iconic drum & bass figure Crissy Criss. With a history just as decorated, they’ve brought two musical personalities together to produce seismic results. And this is set to be featured on Crissy’s forthcoming album, one which is about to underline why he’s still a pivotal force within the market.

After his stint on BBC Radio 1 as their leading drum & bass expert, Crissy Criss has now turned his hand at production and it’s come with some stunning results. These can be heard through the plethora of tracks he’s dropped in the lead up to his ‘War of Silence’ album, which will be self-released through his own ‘War on Silence’ record label, launched last year.

The chaos which explodes when bringing Crissy Criss and Teddy Killerz on a track together is difficult to absorb the first-time round. That’s because of how complex its layering is, and this track is even signposted as the album’s namesake. Titled after Crissy’s forthcoming album, ‘War on Silence’ has a cinematic backdrop and this record certainly tells a story. Robotic, distorted vocal samples draw you deep into its first breakdown as you’re taken along for the ride. Bit by bit you’re pulled upwards, with each step accentuated by flipping drum pads. Before long you’re left to freefall down a call-to-arms which crashes through with zipping beats.

Both Crissy Criss and Teddy Killerz aren’t afraid to go for the jugular and it’s an epic addition to the ‘War of Silence’ album. It packages the mission of Crissy Criss in one track.; the LP is a playbook and one which doesn’t just showcase a collection of tracks. It does so much more and this is just another teaser.


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