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Malux - Swamp Thug EP

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

There is no avenue which DJ and producer Crissy Criss hasn’t crossed and this is something which he pays homage to through his growing platform War on Silence. From the start, it’s stood as a creative hub for not only his music, but also the music which he’s played out across his hotly anticipated DJ sets, the type which first got his name international attention. And after years spent both behind the decks and in the studio, he’s taken the role of label boss for War of Silence; his time on BBC Radio 1 as the drum & bass curator as well as touring internationally gave him the skills to draw for the very best talent which the scene has to offer. This is something which is given a platform throughout the catalogue of War on Silence, as well as through its forthcoming release from Malux.

Malux himself is no stranger to critical acclaim and this shines through the music he’s dropped on a plethora of labels. A frequent collaborator with Crissy Criss, he draws for his sonic wizardry throughout his ‘Swamp Thug’ EP on War on Silence. It’s title track goes in big, with quaking, seismic slabs of bass, rising, mysterious synthesis and a cut throat breakdown which is a renowned direction for the UK based producer. ‘Joystick’ follows next, with searing atmospherics lulling you into a false sense of security before Malux’s next cataclysmic drop. ‘Fallout’ continuest with winding, old-school breaks and stabbing horns, giving a nod to Malux’s heritage and perfected snares whilst oozing with the craftmanship which has made him a household name. Then finally you’re pulled into the murky depths of ‘Deadly Intruders’. Through note distortion, heavy set hooks and an enveloping soundscape, Malux once again takes you on a journey through his sound.

The ‘Swamp Thug’ EP is an exploration of Malux’s levels, and these make him a perfect addition to the army of War on Silence. Buy / Stream now! Full release on 5th March!


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