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Rumble’ and its remixes signify one of the final parts of ‘War on Silence’ for 2022. After breaking back out into the drum & bass scene through a stellar collection of parts, featuring some of the genre’s biggest names, a label which lay somewhat dormant during the latter stages of the pandemic has now restated its claim. Taxman and Defectiøn are just another part of this process and they are just more clear examples of the influence of War on Silence’s label boss, Crissy Criss. With Heist already featuring as a collaborator on the original, both Taxman and Defectiøn help to reignite the flames which were carried by the original ‘War on Silence’ album through two more expert offerings from the pair.


With slices of jungle breaks and pounding, deeply chiselled bass notes stepping you through each grooving rhythm offered through Taxman’s remix, you’re made instantly aware as to why Taxman is considered a master of his craft. It adds the Taxman style which is a historic part of many discographies from across drum & bass, including figures such as Playaz, Souped Up Records and more. Taxman is master of his craft and his ‘Rumble’ remix is just another demonstration of why Crissy Criss asked him to inspire the new generation of sounds coming through via War on Silence.


Defectiøn isn’t slowly down for this next step in the project’s progression and with its shaking sub bass, electric atmospherics and pounding rhythms, the producer grabs you by the aural jugular through their remix. ‘Rumble’ is given a completely different feeling from its earlier version and Defectiøn drives their production into the heart of the track whilst pulling out something completely different. Yet it’s sure to orchestrate just as much chaos when it’s finally delivered into club spaces, something which Defectiøn was surely aware of when producing his own take.


The march towards its completion continues as we near the New Year, but War on Silence is back like never before. And with Crissy Criss at the helm, it’s looking to be an even bigger year for both the label boss and his imprint, as well as the artists who are taking War on Silence to new heights.


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