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The War On Silence remix project continues. This time, ‘Right Now’ receives the remix treatment from one of Drum and Bass’s preeminent groups and one of the most exciting names in the realm of Bassline and UKG.


Drumsound and Bassline Smith are true veterans of the Drum and Bass scene. Since the formation of their partnership almost 25 years ago, the trio have conquered national charts, triumphed in awards ceremonies, and smashed dancefloors around the world with their productions. Needless to say, they do the original track justice with their remix.


The trio pair Nature Ellis’s distinctive vocals with a floor-filling reese bass and fresh jungle drums which are sure to delight listeners searching for the sound of summer. A mid-drop switch from a syncopated snare drum pattern to a two-step rhythm also certifies this track as DJ tool which can facilitate a clean transition between different styles of Drum and Bass.

This remix is a well-crafted and versatile track, bound to stand out in any set it graces.

Defectiøn provides the second remix of ‘Right Now’. Having cemented himself as one of the most promising talents in Bassline and UKG over the course of his War On Silence remixes, Defectiøn once again hits the mark with some hefty Bassline.


A two-step intro precedes a captivating vocal hook which is chopped and looped in the build-up before the drop. Just as the lyrics herald the arrival of summer, this enchanting progression heralds the arrival of an appropriately scorching bassline accompanied by pumping 4x4 drums. Once the initial intensity of the drop subsides, a filtered bassline complements the vocals in an extended breakdown.


Once again, Defectiøn strikes gold with an energetic remix which is sure to cause carnage on the dancefloor. 



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