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Malfunction’ from Crissy Criss and FuntCase stood as one of the rowdier tracks delivered through the ‘War on Silence’ LP. It was a record which found itself nestled within the sets of DJs globally before the pandemic locked many ravers in their homes and it’s still a track which found itself in live streams throughout the same period. And now for 2022, it’s Neonlight and Defectiøn who both now have their turn in giving it a switch up as the dancefloors re open, something which will be a welcome addition to many fans record collections as they return to their favourite venues.

German based duo Neonlight drive their musicality, creativity, and attitude into their remix of ‘Malfunction’ and its demonstrative of why they have made waves across a variety of labels, some of the most influential within the drum & bass genre. Their version of ‘Malfunction’ joins their catalogue alongside the likes of releases from Blackout Music, Cause4Concern and Lifted Music, something which highlights why they were brought on board by Crissy Criss for the ongoing ‘War on Silence’ series. As unforgiving as the original, their revamp has a familiar bite but one that has the same groove which they’ve perfected throughout all their productions.

On its reverse, Defectiøn takes another turn, grasping ‘Malfunction’ and doing what they do best with projects. Whilst still channelling its aggressive style, the tracks bassline is driven deeper into the mix and its fist-pumping catchiness seeps through the record. Taking a track from bass connoisseur Funtcase and Crissy Criss (expert DJ, ex BBC Radio 1 show host and producer), it was a massive feat to tackle however both sets of artists showed their abilities in mastering the remixes. And it’s another two to add to a collection which is building into another pivotal moment for Crissy Criss and his War on Silence imprint.


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