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War on Silence was the launching pad for one of the biggest projects Crissy Criss has delivered in recent years. It was also a moniker which gave the producer full creative control over his work, following a legacy which stretches throughout a decorated DJ career playing at some of the world’s most sought after line up as well as an infamousBBC Radio 1 residency. However it was War on Silence which set another type of benchmark for Crissy Criss and it solidified him as a producer, with Crissy revealing single after single of dancefloor orientated face melters and more subdued, yet musically captivating liquid records. It was a diverse selection, something which would be followed by a range of remixes from the scene’s most notorious faces.


‘Lost’ was a track which caught the attention of many tastemakers, and now both Dossa & Locuzzed and Defection are about to pull the record through their own signature sounds. Viper stalwarts and staple Austrian drum & bass producers Dossa & Locuzzed are first to step up with ‘Lost’, with dreamlike synthesis and emotive crescendos driving alongside its bassline. Their jazz-infused percussion streams through the cut and it further elevates the original from its first release. Then Defection follows suit alongside scuttling garage beats and a deep-house layered bass soundscape. The vocal is chopped in a way which perfectly compliments the composition, giving ‘Lost’ a totally new direction. Known through their own lanes, Defection and Dossa & Locuzzed add to the already eclectic lifespan of ‘Lost’, as well as War on Silence’s ever-growing audience.


Crissy Criss uses his influence built up through over a decade’s worth of work within the music industry to grow the foundations of War on Silence. Once again offering another stellar package of remixes.


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