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Get ready for an electrifying journey through drum & bass as Urbandawn unveils a seismic remix of Crissy Criss's 'Launch,' a standout track from his inaugural solo album 'War On Silence' (2019). Renowned for his anthemic productions, including the Beatles-sampling 'Come Together,' Urbandawn brings his signature bass sound to 'Launch,' promising an auditory experience that will undoubtedly shatter expectations.


Premiered by Crissy Criss at Nass Festival 2022 and later echoed by the drum & bass icon Andy C at Rampage Open Air, Urbandawn's remix of 'Launch' has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. The track's introduction to festival audiences served as a prelude to its potential to incite sonic chaos, with its bass-heavy beats and relentless energy promising to leave dancefloors in a state of euphoric frenzy.

Described as a quintessential representation of Urbandawn's sonic prowess, the remix of 'Launch' is guaranteed to blow the roof off any venue. This reimagining not only pays homage to Crissy Criss's original masterpiece but propels it into new realms of intensity, firmly establishing Urbandawn as a maestro of the drum & bass scene.



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