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The forthcoming remix compilation from Crissy Criss is continuing to evolve, and this time Bladerunner features alongside Defectiønyet again for the extension of Crissy Criss’ biggest body of work to date. After positioning himself first as a DJ and radio show host, from local pirate stations to BBC Radio 1, Crissy Criss is a name which many dance music fans will be familiar with. And after extensive support on Radio 1, including daytime radio play for ‘War on Silence’, he’s slowly become renowned for his own productions. In 2021 however Crissy Criss has instead decided to focus on summoning his connections to have their interpretation of the ‘War on Silence’ track list. Something which has whet fans appetites for what’s more to come from War on Silence, despite its short hiatus.

Crissy’s collaboration with 5572 ‘Kiss the Sky’ is given the remix treatment first by Bladerunner; known as part of the imperative collective Kings of the Rollers, as well as his own catalogue of music, he’s a renowned face within drum & bass and a frequent staple on the UK festival circuit. He provides ‘Kiss the Sky’ the moodier undertones whilst the track’s flipping drum patterns have more jagged edges. Meanwhile, Defectiøn appears to take ‘Kiss the Sky’ into another stream of diverse sonics. With a tempo switch which elevates its synthesis and offers a different emotive depth, it enables an insight into the abilities of Defectiøn and how they’re able to tap into a range of subgenres, never sticking to one route.


It’s the perfect accompaniment to what Crissy Criss has in store as he takes ‘War on Silence’ into 2024, with more names to be unveiled as it the remixes release schedule takes flight.



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