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One aspect of Crissy Criss’ forthcoming LP which has piqued fans’ interest is the level of diversity he’s already demonstrated through his recent run of singles. The stunning vocals on dancefloor slammer ‘Need You Now’ as well as the collaborative prowess of ‘Airlock’ and ‘Right Now’ signposts the engineering feats of Crissy Criss’ colossal project.

He’s also drawn from the huge number of artists who pay homage to him and the legacy he built whilst spearheading the drum & bass show on BBC Radio 1. And since continuing his career within the field of music production, his worldwide tour schedule has seen him visit some of the world’s biggest cities, showcasing the music he’s spent time perfecting in the studio and solidifying why he remains a go-to for the genre.

Released through Crissy Criss’ own War on Silence imprint, the next album reveal is delivered alongside London based trap duo Wide Awake. Together they offer a totally different twist to what’s already been provided for by Crissy Criss, proving the artists who’ve been brought into this body of work all have a reason and purpose. Whether it’s the slick, painstakingly refined sounds of Erb n Dub, Malux and Crissy Criss on ‘Airlock’, or the rolling, heavy segments of ‘Right Now’ with the multi-faceted outfit Orange Hill, there’s a huge array of talent featured on Crissy’s highly-anticipated LP.

‘Real’ rolls forward on fluctuating pitches of synth, emotive lyricism and punchy 808 drums. The record is peppered with poignant highs and smashing percussive overlays, providing an electronic anthem which alludes to a slowly emerging festival season. Flipping over the lead track is a drum & bass mix which whets the appetite for any listeners looking for something of a faster tempo. It provides a stamp which would fit inside the crescendo of any late-night DJ mix; for rave-goes who’ve caught a Crissy Criss set in the last twelve months, whether in Los Angeles or London, you’ll instantly recognize ‘Real’ as definitive club record.

Crissy Criss is about to redefine himself through his ‘War on Silence’ album and ‘Real’ represents another part of this transition. From tastemaker to production heavyweight, there’s not one subsection of drum & bass he hasn’t seeped his influence into.


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