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Adding to an already intimidating list of collaborators, Inja joins Crissy Criss for his forthcoming album ‘War on Silence’. After already pulling in a high-calibre list of featuring artists for the first glimpses into its content, Inja making an appearance will only heighten the anticipation around the release. Named after the imprint Crissy Criss launched last summer, he’s given himself full creative control over the music he’s spent time refining. Since his time debuting the biggest drum & bass releases for BBC Radio 1, he’s now become just as renowned for his slick track offerings. Whether it’s been on ground breaking dance labels, or more underground outlets, Crissy Criss has made his presence known within the field of music making. And with another single about to drop from the producer, the lead up to his album has been mesmerising.

Crissy Criss flips the switch again for his forthcoming single ‘Launch’. Inja offers his gritty lyricism, creating a rolling rhythm which stands hand in hand with the bouncing bassline that engineers the track’s carefully fashioned grooves. Whilst ‘Launch’ advocates the type of sounds which have infiltrated sets throughout club land over the past twelve months, it moulds itself on the personality Crissy Criss has given his beats, something that’s been a gradual build but shows clearly through his dizzying production levels.

Inja himself has proven a formidable force throughout 2018. He was awarded the coveted ‘Best Vocalist’ and ‘Best MC’ trophies at the Drum & Bass Arena awards, after his talents became more widely recognised through a sleuth of enviable productions. The inclusion of Inja, as well as the other collaborators who’ve added their take to Crissy Criss’ polished sonics, is an indicator of what’s to come from both ‘War on Silence’ and the journey which Crissy Criss is beginning through dropping such a colossal body of work.

After the producer’s work with multi-genre group Orange Hill as well as drum & bass counterparts Erb n Dub and Malux, the music is of a clear quality but this can only be expected from a group of artists who provide the genre’s soundtrack. ‘War on Silence’ is a momentous feat for Crissy Criss and ‘Launch’ is just a taster


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