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With only a few more singles left until Crissy Criss unleashes the full extent of his hard graft, having spent locked down in the studio, 2019 is shaping up to be the producer’s biggest year. And this is no small statement, as Crissy Criss has been a building brick within the drum & bass wall for quite some time. From the tender age of eleven, he was brought onto the pirate radio airwaves of underground leading pirate station 'Kool FM' by Eastman and since then his career snowballed.

After standing as the figurehead of Radio 1’s trend setting drum & bass show, he’s remained one of the most recognisable names throughout the genre, both through his support of its music and his own productions.

His ‘War on Silence’ album, named after his own imprint which he launched in 2018, he draws together the most prominent selections he’s been fashioning in the confines of his studio. He’s already shown his influence throughout the wider dance music sphere through his LP collaborations alongside the likes of Funtcase, trap duo Wide Future, Malux, Erb N Dub, London outfit Orange Hill plus many more producers who have shaped their own musical subsections. Although for the next release in his ‘War on Silence’ reveal, Crissy Criss has asked Heist to merge his intimidating bass weight behind Crissy’s own finely tuned style.

Hesit also isn’t a stranger to the drum & bass circuit, with his music having revolutionised its sound over the past twenty years, gracing the catalogues of Charge, Ganja, Frontline, Full Cycle, Digital Soundboy and Metalheadz throughout his career. ‘Rumble’ is a no-holds-barred look at what the producers have at their disposal when they join forces. There’s a groove which claws from underneath the track’s tightly composed mix and with every smashing layer, it becomes more and more difficult to pull yourself away due to its stabbing hooks. ‘Rumble’ lends itself to the dark segments of ‘War on Silence’ and shows there will be more dancefloor destroyers coming from Crissy Criss - this is an LP which will take you through a landscape built off the scene Crissy Criss has played a huge part in.


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