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The War On Silence remix project continues with two remixes of Global Riddim (featuring $pyda).


Teddy Killerz are a trio hailing from Russia and Ukraine. Over the past ten years, they have secured themselves a reputation as some of the leading artists in Drum and Bass with releases on labels including RAM Records, Souped Up, and Eatbrain.


This time, Teddy Killerz deliver a heavyweight remix of one of the standout numbers from Crissy Criss’s 2019 LP. The group flex their prowess with gnarly bass stabs, crisp steppy drums, and a breakdown which rolls out and preserves musical momentum. The intensity of the first drop contrasts with the more subdued but equally heavy second half of the track. Substituting the riffs of the first drop with a morphing reese bass, Teddy Killerz manage to construct a well-developed and versatile track.


Their remix is a true celebration of the origins and development of Drum and Bass music and is sure to frenzy crowds around the world.

The second rework on this release comes courtesy of Defectiøn. Having already featured on a number of remixes of tracks from War On Silence, the Defectiøn alias is quickly becoming synonymous with innovative garage and bassline which pushes the sound design of these genres forward by taking inspiration from Drum and Bass.


This time around, Defectiøn injects the track with a healthy dose of bassline attitude. $pyda’s dubbed out vocals are matched with pumping 4x4 drums and various high-quality basses. Defectiøn flips the melody line from the original track to suit the new musical context. Much like the remix package as a whole, this variation remains true to the original track whilst exploring a new creative direction.


Defectiøn’s offering is a formidable tune which is sure to please anyone who has been paying attention to developments in Bassline in recent years.


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