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Since its announcement, the ‘War on Silence’ LP, named after Crissy Criss’ own imprint, has already revealed a host of collaborative names that signal just how imperative the album is shaping up to be. Whether it’s been the definitive crossed roots of production outfit Orange Hill, the moody vocals of MC Inja, Malux and Erb N Dub or trap connoisseurs Wide Awake, there’s already been a huge array of producers making their way onto its track listing. And for the sixth edition of the album’s singles, FuntCase joins the army of featuring artists who build ‘War on Silence’ into one of 2019’s biggest albums inside the bass music genre.

Funtcase is a recognizable name within not just dubstep, despite directing its UK scene, but also drum & bass, where he’s let loose a plethora of nastily biting, crazed tracks that propelled him into the spotlight from a young age. His meteoric climb was just as noteworthy as that of Crissy Criss, which is why the two coming together is likely to cause a heightened sense of anticipation across the industry. The music of Funtcase has decimated crowds at the likes of Rampage Festival and many more taste-making stages. However, from the start he’s been captivated by the world of drum & bass – Twisted Individual’s ‘Bandwagon Blues’ had him hooked and the sound has emanated within all his productions, especially via his DJ Dose alias.

‘Malfunction’ is aggressive, snapping and another chapter in the diversity offered up by Crissy Criss’ forthcoming album. Each slaying drum beat moves one break into the next, as grinding LFO basses smash their way through the track’s composition. ‘Malfunction’ is the type of track which is like a freight train across DJ sets, jumping into club land and taking no prisoners as it does so. Although this is what Funtcase is known for, one of the reasons why Crissy Criss would have drawn him in for such a monumental project.

Set to be revealed through his own creative space, the ‘War on Silence’ imprint, it’s about to be another colossal year for Crissy Criss - the ex BBC Radio 1 radio presenter is now firmly establishing himself within the realms of production.


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