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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Crissy Criss has combined forces with an array of artists; when it came to his ‘War on Silence’ LP, s

ome of the producers he brought into the fray to deliver their sounds alongside his own finely tuned production skills proved the influence he has over drum & bass culture. From his selections on the BBC Radio 1 tastemaker show, through to his quick-firing DJing skills which he’s been heralded for worldwide, Crissy has become one of the most talked about figures in recent times. His War on Silence imprint has helped him reach these heights in recent times and the label which his pivotal LP launched itself from and was named after represents the creative space he’s been able to build a catalogue of records within; the type that many drum & bass DJs have spearheaded as set favourites.

For Crissy’s next release, he’s about to deliver yet another merging of minds which shows why drum & bass is still one of the most indisputable dance music genres, decades after its invention. And long-time associate TC takes centre stage alongside Crissy and lyricist Jakes to offer a monster record for War on Silence. TC has an illustrious career and just one look at his back catalogue shows just how imperative he’s been to the wider club circuit, as well as the record collections of many drum & bass fans. Their brand new collaboration ‘Dark Mode’ is exactly what you’d expect from the title. The two heavyweights clash their indisputable power and bring through a record which is brooding, with sonic claws grabbing at you between its expertly fashioned segments. With a growling bassline, cranking breaks and fluctuating notes of bass, both TC and Crissy take a trend setting sound, then push it through their own signatures. There’s an old school, reminiscing air which carries itself throughout the record and it’s easy to hear the pair’s roots, something which has enabled them to build the foundations they have.

‘Dark Mode’ is the classic club banger, although through the scope of two artists that have been running the game for an intimidating length of time. War on Silence is back and they’ve stayed true to form with ‘Dark Mode’.


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