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There is very little introduction needed for Bristol based drum & bass producer TC. Known through some of the biggest drum & bass dancefloor anthems, he’s been a notable part of its growing foundations from the last decade as the genre has flourished. And it is little surprise that Crissy Criss welcomed TC into the fold for his ‘War on Silence’ remix packages. Having provided a platform already for TC’s music through his previous BBC Radio 1 slot, he was already a fan of TC’s sounds and you can see why through his direction on ‘Breathe’ ft. Dan Moss – which TC delivers alongside more subterranean levels and a influence which could only be his own.


TC takes on ‘Breathe’ yet still allows the talented vocals of Dan Moss to stream through the mix. TC’s remix rolls effortlessly alongside the humanism of Dan Moss, despite its breaks falling more aggressively than its predecessor. TC still makes an impact through ‘Breathe’ but despite the characteristics of his more jump-up inspired records, his take on ‘Breathe’ is slightly more subdued in a way that lets its raw emotion still shine through.

Defectiøn then steps up for an epic reintroduction to ‘Breathe’. More segmented but still using its emotional keyed sequences as it leads you into each crescendo, Defectiøn moves away from their more house-infused selections and instead drives even deeper into the euphoric under layers of ‘Breathe’. Although for a track of this hue, this was the only direction to take, but Defectiøn does it with the utmost care for his own design.


‘War on Silence’ has well and truly made its mark this year despite the obstacles many musicians have faced throughout the pandemic. An independent label in the truest sense, the names featured in its catalogue is a continued testament to Crissy Criss’ legacy. One which is still evolving alongside the label’s release schedule.


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