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The latest instalment of the War On Silence remix project features two remixes of the ‘90s-inspired ‘Bad Boy’, courtesy of one of Newcastle’s finest talents and a rising star in the world of UKG and Bassline.


As part of a wave of artists to have emerged from Tyneside in recent years, Stompz has been a pivotal figure in the development of the modern rollers sound. Boasting releases on labels including Souped Up, Low Down Deep, and DnB Allstars, he has solidified a reputation for himself as a purveyor of quality Drum and Bass. 


His remix of ‘Bad Boy’ runs with the old school theme of the original track; think soft plucky arpeggios, iconic GQ vocal samples, and atmospheric pads which are reminiscent of ’94-’96 LTJ Bukem productions and Looking Good releases. Stompz fuses these elements with a variety of reeses and distorted drone basses which weave in and out of weighty syncopated snare drums.


The result: a masterful blend of classic and contemporary Drum and Bass sounds which is sure to appeal to ravers old and new.


Defectiøn takes the reins on the second rework of ‘Bad Boy’. The numerous remixes he has produced for the War On Silence remix project have solidified his status as one of the most exciting figures to have emerged in the UKG and Bassline communities in 2022. His track record of solid remixes continues with his take on Bad Boy.


Oldschool rave stabs, vuvuzela samples, and the ever-familiar voice of GQ make for a raucous introduction which sets the levels for the rest of the track. Defectiøn follows this with a bouncing bassline which begs to be heard through a large system interspersed with more ‘90s goodness.


With this track, Defectiøn makes an intervention into the Bassline genre by introducing old school sounds which are finding a new-found home on the dancefloors of 2022. 



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