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For the ‘War on Silence’ remixes project Crissy Criss has enlisted a varied range of producers into the mix for its track list. Whether that’s been long time drum & bass legends like TC, or more underground influencers like Neonlight or Malux, there’s been an array of names who have inspired the original album and given it their own signatures. But for its next single, It Is Jev is offered the reins and it’s just as destructive as you might imagine. With the solo project taken from duo PRFT Mandem which made a name for themselves alongside imprint Korsakov, they’ve slowly moved up the ranks, now It Is Jev hitting his debut with War on Silence through their reckoning of Crissy Criss, Malux and Erb n Dub’s ‘Airlock’. And for an introduction to the label, it’s a stunning debut. One which will be difficult to top.


A chaotic lead filled with speedily flitting drums takes you into its first drop as It Is Jev begins his takeover of ‘Airlock’. Jumping between thumping breakdowns and even more destructive, revving slabs of bass, Jev pulls you down as he descend into madness. It Is Jevdoes what he is expert at and that’s cause devastation through their sonics. It’s easy to imagine how this track will impact any club space on detonation and that’s one reason why It Is Jev has become buy a on sight artist even within such a short space of time.


One part of Crissy’s job throughout the years has been to find the very best new artist breaking ground within the world of drum & bass. And from his Radio 1 show until now, he’s still doing the same although this time, it’s using his War on Silence imprint as the platform – still having as much impact as he’s had over the past decade.


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