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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The combined force of Crissy Criss, Malux and Erb n Dub is something which first rocked the drum & bass world in 2016. However, the trio each had their own standalone profiles which they’d spent years orchestrating, whether that was Malux’s fearsome reputation within neurofunk, Crissy Criss’ tastemaker status at Radio 1 or Erb n Dub’s sure-fire dancefloor anthems which had become a staple in DJ sets. But when they brought their individual sounds together, they began to cause carnage across the catalogues of many drum & bass imprints, whether that was Ram’s sister-label Program, or the formidable powerhouse Eatbrain. They’ve continued to create chaos on the live circuit, each having their own hold on the global market and showcasing their music from one end of the clubsphere to the next. The power which lies behind their music, heralded by a variety of mainstay DJs and producers, has provided a basis for their collaborativeproject and this is something they’re still building on. Their next move is a brand new single for War on Silence, the label which Crissy Criss has steadily built over the past six months. It presents the perfect platform for them to drop brand new music, as with Crissy Criss at the helm, War on Silence affords them the creative freedom which is necessary for such a groundbreaking outfit.

‘Airlock’ has already made itself known throughout many UK and European venues, as well as across the Atlantic during the US tour which Crissy Criss recently undertook. Rolling through with ticking beat patterns and a breakdown which pulls you up to a climatic drop, before plummeting you down through its gyrating bassline and smashing percussive stabs, there’s no grabbing for the brakes throughout its descent into chaos. Each artist brings their own individual flare into the mix and you’re able to recognise their individual identities throughout the intricate patterning. It’s a crashing intro for any set; riddled with anticipation, you’re made aware of just how destructive this track could prove to be, just from the comfort of your home. Presented on War on Silence, it’s a step forward for the imprint. As well as the artists who are pushing it towards critical acclaim.


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