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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The combined heavyweight forces of Crissy Criss and TC have already proven to be an unstoppable force. Individually they’ve demonstrated this throughout their illustrious careers, although their recent collaboration ‘Dark Mode’ shows what can happen when the two production heavyweights merge their enviable talents.

Released through Crissy Criss’ ‘War on Silence’ imprint, which has given him complete creative control and has enabled him to unleash his recent, similarly titled album, TC isn’t the only pivotal figure who’s made an appearance on the label. And this is why, even over such a short space of time, the imprint has received global attention. After Crissy Criss’ stint on BBC Radio 1, where he spearheaded one of the most imperative drum & bass shows within the scene’s history, this comes as little surprise too. However it’s the music which has been released on War of Silence which has proven to be just as successful. One look at Crissy’ debut LP on the label demonstrates this fact, with one of its lead singles ‘Real’ with WiDEAWAKE gaining a position on Radio 1’s daytime playlist and amassing millions of streams via the Spotify platform.

However, contrary to the commercial viability of tracks like ‘Real’, TC and Crissy come with something much darker. Their next collaboration ‘FIRE’ is a testament to this and it’s one which is aptly named. Pushing through with chaotic drum breaks and featuring Bristol based Carasel on vocals, it’s a call to arms and one which will certainly make its presence known across dancefloors internationally. It’s the perfect record to continue festival season with; Crissy has already detonated this cut throughout the touring market and fans both old and new will recognise this set list monster. There’s an array of artists brought into ‘FIRE’ and it shows the influence which Crissy has within the drum & bass world. He’s able to bring on board names of this level and as a result, provide the most raucous slammers.

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